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10 pounds in 7 days without Starving

The quarantine has been hard on each one of us. Not only it added undue toll on our mental well-being, and break on our immediate goals it has also added few extra layers of unwanted fat on our body.


Especially, for boxer and MMA athletes, it is very important to maintain appropriate Body Mass Index (BMI), but gyms were closed for so long, many of us missed our body goals by miles, thanks to Corona or China, whatever convenient.


Today, we are here to talk about one of the major health issues which are arising across the world due to Coronavirus Lockdown, muscle loss, and fat gain.


A large sample study by NYU Grossman School of Medicine discovered that obese patients are at higher risks to due because of COVID-19 than any other cardiovascular issues.


But, leaving aside the obesity, even the fitter lot in coping up with the risk of physique degradation arising out of the decline in normal physical activities. 


Since Gyms and Training centers are closed it puts higher pressure on us to make sure, that not only we have a healthy diet plan, we need the extra ammunition to kill those useless fats, and stay fit & sexy.


                              Cut the Carbs to Get Lean, and How to Do It ?

Cool, our training works in three paradigms, what & how we eat, our workout, and our mental preparedness. Let us talk about each of them in detail.

      How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week

Our diet is the major constituent which helps us push our physical limits till the edge. While the majority of our training and workout of boxers are to stimulate and build our muscles, create better-coordinated body movements, and transform new lessons into muscle memory.


Our diet is the one which provides the strength to do so. And, due to the quarantine with less physical activity, we have to embed our diet with relevant supplements to fill the emerging creeks in our fitness outlook.


Boredom not only annoy us, but it also depresses us and kill all the motivation we gather, with no mood to cook, we often rely on the food ordering applications, which means we are in taking more calories than we actually need.


I read somewhere, that we should have our breakfast like a prince, lunch like a king, and dinner like a beggar. If you find this too cliche, and opt for frequent yet small meals, even then we are overshooting our daily calorie requirements.


  • Go for fruits and vegetables at night. Stuff your platter with salad, even if you feel overwhelmingly filled, the feeling will vanish after a while, as our body can easily digest it. 
  • Go for boiled meat in dinner.
  • Add nuts and dry fruits as refreshments, and avoid too much cheese.


Cut short, there are so many things we can eat, google them, but it is important to club our diet with effective and best dietary supplements, like rapid fat burners. One of such kickass fat-loss supplements is The Fight Club Nutrition TRIM AND FIT.   



It is filled with advanced fat-loss formula, which empowers our body metabolism to rapidly shrink the stored fat.


And yes, drink a lot of water. Keep yourself hydrated, active, and slim with the certified products from the Fight Club Nutrition.


  • The Hustle: Our Workout

Being a high-performance sports food supplements brand the Fight Club Nutrition aims to provide the best and most advanced MMA & Boxing Weight loss supplements to the advanced athletes.


We feel that Mixed martial arts (MMA) & Boxing are just too awesome, not only they keep our bodies extremely fit they also teach us the art of self-defense. In unfortunate situations like being robbed on a dark street, a powerful uppercut or mighty sidekick can save a lot of time and money for us.


If you are looking for some other ways as well, you can also consider Wing Chun, it is a traditional Kung Fu style from the Southern part of China. This legendary self-defense technique requires us to make quick body movements and a solid core.


A relaxed body language and stylish appeal of its moves make it the first love for Hollywood action movies. Other than that Taekwondo, Karate, Brazilian Jujutsu, and Muay Thai are other legendary sports that keep us fit, strong, and safe under any circumstances.


The key is to not only be healthy but choose a way to reach that great body shape which will help us in other paradigms of our life as well. Pumping weights in the gym is not the guarantee of a healthy lifestyle.


In contrast, sports like MMA & Boxing relies on our endurance & power. We need explosive strength for a long period of time, that while we are making swift moves around our opponent, we can land deadly blows constantly and consistently.


But to excel in high-performance sports, our training also needs to be on par with the same level of discipline, focus, and power. This motivates us to produce world-class Pre-Workouts, such as WOLF ATTACK for our passionate and crazy AF customers.  

I have boxed and studied nutrition for over 25 years and I understand the most challenging mountain to climb is  finding the energy for the gym after a exhausting day at work. You can't play Boxing or the MMA. We must stay in top condition at all times. This pre workout will change your life by first giving you the extra energy to attack the gym like a starving wolf.


If you want to see yourself in great shape, you can surely make that come true, and we want to help you do just that, with our premium and effective dietary supplements


We think high-performance sports serves three purposes with a single blow by keeping us fit, sexy, and safe.


At the Fight Club Nutrition, we believe to be the best, by doing the best, and eating the best, every time.


  • The Real Game: Our Mind

Yes, we need food, and we need training, but to make a deep impact or an everlasting change in ourselves, what we need the most is the mental strength to keep going and never give up.


Setbacks and hurdles are meant to be there, if you consider corona bad, well it is, but if it can stop us to reach our dreams, totally dependent on us not on any virus. Consider the examples of some of the most ferocious athletes the world has ever seen.


Muhammad Ali was arrested in 1966-67 at the prime of his boxing career, this made him lose his most effective four years of life, but when he came out in 1971, he again punched the shit out of people in the boxing ring.


Evander Holyfield was forced to retire in 1994 due to medical reasons, but he made a stronger comeback a year later. 


Similar happened with Mike Tyson, when he was sentenced to prison and sentenced to jail in 1992, he lost his 3 years there, but he did make a strong comeback and won WBC  and WBA championship titles in 1996.


The moral of the story? We are the master of our life, and we can do whatever we want to do with it. What we want to make of ourselves is completely depends on us and us alone.


Yes, Corona put a break, we can even see our gains vanishing drop by drop, it could be depressing or frustrating but it is surely not an end of the story. We can get back to that great diet plan we were working on, that intense level of workout we were hitting at our best time.


It all will come back, and so does we, that too stronger this time. A hungry lion is a hundred times more dangerous than when he is filled. And, we all are fucking hungry now.


Believe in yourself, the same ‘you’ who pushed you to hustle and reach greatness before will come back and will again make us a healthier and sexier version of ourselves. 


What to do now?

Great question, we can make all the rosy pictures of the future, but the beauty of our life is that it lives in the present. And, the only way to fulfill it is by living it right now.


How long we take to get back to our older self depends on how we maintain ourselves in this quarantine times. And, why to maintain, if we can make progress? 


Why settle for less, when we can grab it all.


At Fight Club Nutrition, we produce high-performance grade dietary supplements. Our efforts are directed towards creating the best MMA weight loss supplements. Which complements fast fat burning MMA workouts. Lose weight fast without starving.


We feel MMA and Boxing requires extraordinary fitness levels, hence even if you want to be part of other high-performance sports, you are all covered. Our globally certified health supplements will empower your fitness schedule and push you towards your goals faster.


Even if you are going for a normal gym schedule, you can consider out WOLVERINE MUSCLE BUILDING PROTEIN, check out our collection of world-class dietary supplements, and you will find everything you need to reach your body goals and beyond.


Everything we need is already with us, everything we desire can be brought to us, by us, on our laps. All we need is to just keep going and explore the better version of ourselves and the world every day, with the Fight Club Nutrition.

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