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I hope all of you are safe and healthy.


This is our first effort to connect to you all through our blog. Fight Club Nutrition is about becoming the best.


We believe in the discipline in the regime and the quality of food. After all, if we are beast what else do we need, other than hunt, food, and sex, of course. 


Especially, in the time of Quarantine, gyms are closed, there is no action around. 


Are you missing the pump?  Do you want to know the most effective weight loss supplement ? We have something for you as you go through your weight loss journey. 


Looking to lose stomach fat, and get back to sexiness? Awesome!  Do you want to lose 5 pounds in a week ? You are just in the right place.


Athlete Nutrition 

Life of athletes is not as flashy as it seems to the outer world, it is full of sweat, blood, and hustle. And, to stay at the top of our game, we need fast and effective results by using the most effective weight loss supplement on the market.


And, this is where Fight Club Nutrition’s game starts. We provide world-class fat loss diet supplements, for those motivated ones, who never give up. Even though it seems impossible to lose back fat.  No, matter how hard you try and your not losing weight. 


We need ammunition to fight the war. Right? Exactly.


Fitness in Quarantine

Since we all are trapped in our homes, it is getting hard to maintain the shape, some of us are fortunate enough with an indoor gym, but many are not. 


Hence, we need a more effective diet, since it is hard to get too much workout. 


Along with cardio and yoga sessions, we need to keep burning the fat we are accumulating since quarantine. To assist in this, we offer IRON BODY, our premium diet supplement, awesome for rapid weight loss.


It not only acts as a fat burner but also an appetite suppressant. The secret lies in its ingredients who are internationally recognized as helpful in boosting human metabolism.


Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans contains caffeine, of course, but along with it, it is also full of antioxidant Chlorogenic Acid.


Chlorogenic Acid helps us to burn stored body fat, and quickly process the glucose. It is great for our hearts and keeps our blood sugar low. Which is why it is heavenly for people suffering from Diabetes.

Since it helps in cleaning our blood from excessive sugar and fat, Green coffee beans are often recommended by the dermatologist. It keeps our inflammation level check, and help us to stay immune from viral diseases. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry published a study in 2004, claiming green coffee beans can help in preventing four types of cancer cells, outgrowth.


Not even all this, Green Coffee helps us stay in a good mood, and is great to enhance our focus and energy levels. When it's so boring in the quarantine, we surely want to keep ourselves happy and energized.


The next ingredient which makes IRON BODY, so special is the Raspberry Ketone.

It is great to dissolve the fat in our cells effectively, along with this, it is great for our metabolism, as it enhances the secretion of adiponectin.


Garcinia Cambogia, is a powerful fat burner, Caffeine Anhydrous, an awesome nervous stimulator for athletes, and who doesn’t know the benefits of Green Tea?


We believe in being the best, and hence we offer the best product for the people, who wish to be the champions. Especially, in high-performance sports.


If you are looking for some kick-ass diet supplements, effective, fast, and global standards, have a look at, what we offer.


How international athletes are keeping themselves fit in the quarantine?

Well, it is no brainer that every major sports league is either canceled or postponed. And, this sudden break has made them vulnerable to injuries once the show began.


Teofimo Lope Jr. the IBF lightweight champion, is continuing his training in a small garage. He is trying a combination of calisthenics, sit-ups, and push-ups, while he is showering heavy punches on the punching bag.


He is giving extra caution on his diet and supplements since the current schedule is clearly not enough. 


We need to give extra care to our diet now, we can spend hours on a treadmill, or go for a run, but unless our diet is helping us more than ever, we might find ourselves in the worst shape, at the end of the quarantine.


Diet is important than ever.

It is said that a healthy body is built not only through relentless hustle but also through a disciplined diet. 


In the quarantine times, we just cannot find anything we want to eat. Every time we leave our house, it is dangerous. If COVID catches us, all that training will be in vain, and our prime will be further delayed.


It is hard to get complete nutrition, and out of boredom, we are just eating anything. Fat burner diet supplements are our best friends at quarantine times. We can maintain our body shape and strength not just from exercise, but from intelligent eating habits.


What else do we need other than fat burners?

Well, it is really important for accelerated fat loss to include quality fat burning supplements, but also, we need other nutrients, we need energy and endurance to stick to our strict workout schedule.


Along with it, we need to minimize the risk of damage to our muscles, as most of the time, they are relaxed at our home. Not only this, but we also need to quickly recover as well.

Maintaining an athlete's body is not easy, but with the right diet, workout, and food supplements, it’s not that hard too.


And to make sure that you explore and improve your body limits, this quarantine, we have a blockbuster Pre-workout - WOLF ATTACK. Though the name is intimidating, its results are awesome.



Why Pre-workouts are important in Quarantine?

As said above, for high-performance sports, we need to transform ourselves to take that strain. Our body not only needs exercise, but it also needs fuel to run on, and most importantly it needs to recover.


If there is too much tear in the muscles it can lead to serious injuries, or soreness the next day. When it is already so boring, we don’t want a sore muscle to irritate us. Hence, we need to make sure our body doesn’t experience a sudden trauma.


And, the best way to do that is a pre-workout drink. It is full of glycogen, which makes sure that our body gets a continuous stream of energy.


Glycogen stored in the muscles is the first source of energy for our body, during a workout. Once, we are out of muscle glycogen, our energy level, and performance fades. But of course, we don’t want that to happen.


Not only energy, but WOLF ATTACK also makes sure that your complete body needs are met with needed rare Vitamins, Calcium, Potassium, Caffeine, Dicreatine Malate, Sodium, Phosphorous, Beta-Alanine, and whatnot.


It is great for explosive energy, Muscle pump, and strength of our muscles.


Mental Fight in the Quarantine

When we decided to come up with the blog, it intends was not just to bring in your notice our exceptional product line, but at the same time, it is our genuine effort to help our fellow mates, who are ready to give their sweat and blood to fulfill their dreams.


Hence, not only about food, but we also understand the biggest fight we all are going through right now. Nothing is moving, our plans, or goals everything is stuck and delayed for a while.

Yes, we know we will be the champions, but if our minds used to work like this, it would have been great. But our mind is programmed to bring in negative thoughts, fear, low self-confidence, and doubts.


A simple way to keep us analytical and grounded. The main battle is with our demons, to tame them that everything is going to be fine soon. 


We can do yoga and many other things to keep our mind calm and focused, but we have to make sure that we understand, that we are the hero of our world.


We are the strongest person in our world, I am in mine, and you in yours. Hence, everything will happen as we want it to be. 


Everything will be fine, not immediately, but definitely.


I know such stuff is quite a philosophical cliché, but no matter who we are, whatever we do, we always fight a mental war, sometimes with our fear, memories, and failures, and other times with other people.


We live in a competitive world, with only one rule, “Survival of the fittest, and triumph to the worthy”.


Hence, it is important to stay focused and continue on the path, we opted of ourselves, long back, before humanity was attacked by Corona


How can we help you?

Here is the best part, we are the Fight Club Nutrition, we believe in being the best, hence we make sure our dietary supplements are at par and above the best in the market. 


We can help you meet your nutritional needs, and provide you that extra ammunition, to go out there and conquer your world.


When you are giving your best day and night, training day-in-day-out you can rely on us for the best quality dietary supplements.


And for us, it is not just about selling. We want to be your partner in your journey to the top. Above all, you can trust us to provide you the best dietary supplements, guidance, motivation, and lots of wishes.


We often give up for so many reasons, it's not that we are weak, but we were bound to fail in that. Every failure tells us, that there is something higher than this waiting for you, but the only way to find it out is to keep moving.


Moving, till our heart bleed out and our mind goes crazy. After all, is there any other choice? 


Now, I am going to go cliché again, but I have read this at so many places, heard from so many leaders, talking to a crowd, that “The best view, comes with the highest climb.” 


We know how it feels to get our spirits up, every morning living in uncertainty. How we have to push all those fears out of our minds and get up to fight again. 


It's very hard to reach the top, agreed. But it is even harder to stay there. 


All which is important is to be the best every time, better every day is easier said than done. But at least you don’t have to worry about your dietary supplements, we’ll take care of it, for you. 😊


The Ending note...

This is the first time we are connecting through a blog, with a simple aim to help you, in any way possible.


In the future too, we would be coming with some random conversations, with an aim to educate you, motivate you, inspire you, and help you, every time you take your next step, upwards.


And, of course, you can check out our website, Fight Club Nutrition, anytime you want. There, you can expect some kick-ass dietary supplements for you, to help you keep your body great in Quarantine and awesome afterward.


All the Best.




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